Michael Greer O'Shea
2 min readMar 4, 2022

Michael Greer O’Shea was born and raised in Mills River, NC, where he currently resides. In the 2020 election cycle he ran for Congress in the NC-11 district, becoming the first millennial to appear on the Democratic primary ballot for that office.

O’Shea has spent most of his career as a music producer, working with audio engineering clients from around the country, and currently plays drums in the local retro rock band Aunt Vicki and has a solo electronic rock project called Kinjac. He also works in the film industry and is currently a producer on a film project created by Emmy-nominated actor Scott Turner Schofield…

Michael Greer O'Shea

Running for NC House 117. Former candidate for Congress. 1st millennial on the NC-11 Dem Primary ballot. Music producer and Realtor with a Philosophy degree.