Why Primaries Matter

Michael Greer O'Shea
3 min readMay 17, 2022

Since I started running as a candidate it’s become a tradition to go vote with my mom. We went during early voting, but don’t worry — there’s still time for you to get that rush from doing your civic duty because it’s Election Day!

I don’t have a primary this year (look for me on the ballot for state house in November!), but I’m still really excited about the primary election.

In fact, I think primaries are actually the most exciting elections to vote in.

It might seem strange, but seriously! Why? Simple — this is when voters get to have a huge role in shaping their party.

Some of these primary races will be determined by just a few votes. You and a few friends showing up to the polls could actually change the course of an election and that has profound consequences for the future.

Some of these races have very different candidates running within the same party (we’re a big tent!), which means the outcomes of these races can drastically change what the party looks like over time.

Don’t like how the Democratic Party is operating? Guess what! You can change that. Really. By being engaged at the local level and supporting candidates you care about, we can change things from the bottom up. That’s what grassroots democracy is all about.



Michael Greer O'Shea

Running for NC House 117. Former candidate for Congress. 1st millennial on the NC-11 Dem Primary ballot. Music producer and Realtor with a Philosophy degree.